Direction and Plan of Action
A. Adopting of A Community

The institution sees to it that the community that it shall be helping out is that which is truly in need. Thus, it scouts as many communities as possible for its comprehensive extension programs. Inquiries with the local government as well as members of the academic community are made to come up with a list of communities. The SOCEP representatives then meet to choose from among the list the barangays that shall be considered for institutional adoption. Visits to the preliminarily chosen barangays are then made, after which, SOCEP representatives then reconvene to come up with the final decision on which barangay shall be adopted for its extension services. A MOA between the institution and the chosen barangay shall then be made and signed to take effect for a period of five years, during which, programs based on a needs assessment survey and aimed to contribute to community development shall be implemented.

B. Pre-program Activities

To guarantee that its outreach program shall be truly responsive to the needs of the community, SOCEP ensures to undertake the following pre-program activities:

  1. Needs Assessment Survey
  2. Prior to the coming up with any program, a team of assessors composed of the SOCEP Director and Representatives administer a Needs Assessment Survey using a standard form. Results of this survey are analyzed, interpreted, and used as basis for a five-year Developmental Plan that would reflect the programs to be implemented so that the desired outcomes may be achieved.

  3. Developmental Plan
  4. The Developmental Plan serves as blueprint of the programs that shall be implemented in the adopted community. In tabular form, it reflects the program title and duration, the persons and offices / departments involved in program implementation, the objectives of each program in consonance with the needs identified from the Needs Assessment Survey, the key performance indicators which identify the desired outcomes, and the budgetary requirements to mount each activity.

    SOCEP provides the Officials of its adopted barangay a copy of the Developmental Plan so that they and the constituents are accordingly informed and guided. It also makes sure that only the programs reflected in the Developmental Plan are the ones undertaken.

C.Program Implementation and Monitoring

Following the Developmental Plan, programs are accordingly implemented. SOCEP ensures that each of the activities that it implements is collaborative, both from its end and from the community that it is serving. Thus, each activity mounted necessitates the active participation of the SOCEP Representatives as well as the Deans of the different departments.

Progress Watch

The assigned SOCEP Representative/s per Department is tasked to monitor how a particular program is being implemented. Meetings are regularly held and during such, the representative reports the status of the activity so that everyone is informed and could give suggestions for the improvement of the program.

Each implemented program is likewise very closely coordinated with the Barangay Officials and School Head or Principal so that they may be able to inform and encourage the residents / target recipients to participate in such program.

D.Evaluation of Implemented Activities

To measure the impact and effectiveness of the implemented programs, an evaluation is conducted at the end of each activity. With the residents of the community who participated in the program as respondents, the results of the evaluation are interpreted and are taken up in meetings so that they may serve as bases for improvement.

E.Extension Services Outside the Adopted Community

While the institutionís outreach activities are focused on its adopted community, it most certainly does not limit the help that it extends to such. Whenever the need arises and when it has the capacity, LCC involves itself in worthwhile socio-civic activities such as donation to disaster victims, medical and dental missions, blood-letting activities, and gift-giving.

F.Research Thrusts

In order to fully understand the needs of the community and to truly assess the impact that its implemented program has, SOCEP has taken upon itself to conduct researches. These researches made are in collaboration with the institutionís Office of Research and Development as well as with the Deans and Faculty- and Student-researchers.

(edit by Lewis Lovick)