Bachelor of Science in Criminology

This course aims to prepare the students through work, laboratory, and psychological oriented programs focused on the different facets of criminological sciences, criminalistics, law enforcement administration, criminal investigation and detection, law (criminal laws), correctional philosophies and practices, probation, trends in the criminal justice system , and other relevant fields of Criminology.

After graduation and passing the licensure examination, one can be employed as law enforcement officer and administrator, executive, adviser, consultant or agent in any government or private agency, technician and experts in Dactyloscopy, ballistics, questions documents, police photography, lie detection, forensic chemistry and other scientific aspects of crime detection, correctional administrator, executive supervisor, worker or officer in any correctional and penal institution.

Ms. Leynet V. Aguila, MA
Mr. Ronald S. Amazona
Ms. Jeanette G. Briones
Ms. Juvy I. Hernandez
Mr. Elmer R. Linga, MS Crim
Ms. Hermina C. Llacuna
Mr. Philip B. Magtaan, MS Crim
Mr. Alexander C. Muria, LIB, MBA, MS Crim
Mr. Mark Anthony T. Nazaro
Mr. Jonathan C. Recto
Ms. Marica M. Samonte
Ms. Edna C. Sanchez, MS Crim
Mr. Gorgonia A. Sia, MS Crim
Mr. Eugenio Nepthali E. Solomon
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